Other resources

Other resources

Data for Economics & Development

Contains links to websites that host datasets.


Blog with datasets for development economists.

Development Economics and Economic Development

Contains links to books, websites, blogs and papers on development economics.

Development Gateway (DG)

Development research by topic/community. Each online community is centered on specific themes. Thousands of information resource links are included.

Central Asian Gateway (CAG)

Contains links to websites, statistics and papers on development economics for Central Asian countries.

Eldis Website (IDS)

Research papers and other development resources by topic.


Website that provides a search engine for practitioners, researchers and students in the area of global development studies. focuss.eu indexes selected electronic resources chosen by librarians, researchers and practitioners working in participating institutions. The resources are selected based on their relevance for the development studies and the quality of the information.


Moving graphics and interactive presentations show the development progress of all countries by the indicators you choose.

People & the Planet

Information resource on people and the environment. Provides news, features, background information, pictures and weblinks on 16 related themes including population, biodiversity, climate change, pollution and renewable energy.